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A Handy List of Energy Efficient Window Blinds

Energy efficiency of a house does not entirely depend upon the windows or doors of a house. Ancient, drafty window blinds can sometimes cause up to a great deal of heat loss in winter and also a great extent to heat gain in summer. Energy efficiency doesn’t only depend upon the usage of windows entirely.  Efficient use of windows blinds can help reduce heat loss to 50%.  Metal blinds do not help a lot insulating the house. However using wood and thick fabric blinds can help keeping the house cozy and warm. Blinds with huge gaps are not able to provide much blockage to heat loss as compare to Window Blinds with thinner gaps. Windows facing towards north and east need to be covered with more efficiency to be more energy efficient as compare to windows facing towards west and south. The material, size, style, shape and installation of a window blind also play an important role in determining the energy efficiency of a house. Roller Blinds at the doors can also help keeping the house warm in winter. In this article we will be providing you a list of the most Energy Efficient Window Blinds.

Cellular Blinds:

Cellular blinds are available in different degrees of opacity ranging from Light room filtering, room to darkening or side rails which completely eliminate light from entering the room. They can be found in one, two or three celled blinds. Adding more cells helps reducing heat escape. The window blinds are quite easy to install and when raised completely gives a complete unblocked view.

Wooden Blinds:

Wooden Blinds besides its decorative feature gives solid insulation to the windows. Wooden Panel Glide Blinds can help keep doors insulated completely. Wooden blinds due to their thickness gives better insulation to the room and keep the room completely de-lighted and more energy efficient. Wooden blinds come in two combinations; wood and vinyl or in solid vinyl. Panel Glide Blinds are more efficient for the house that faces north or east as they need more covering.  The no holes choice would eliminate the center holes of the blinds which results in darker and more energy efficient room. Wooden Panel Glide Blinds with no-hole feature can help keep the complete house packed and restricting light from entering the house.  

Vertical Blinds:

Vertical blinds are more efficient and suited for windows and doors which are wider than normal. Vanes made of vinyl PVC or fabric can help block more heat and reduce the amount of light entering the house. Due to the fact of using PCV the cleaning of the blinds is easier as compare to other blinds. Due to more usage of PVC, manufacturing companies make the PVC fabric look alike after some processes which gives flair of fabric to the blinds. Ultimately you will have fabric blinds at a cheap price which are also easy to clean.

Sheerweave Sun Control Blinds:

The use of fabric in blinds plays an important role in keeping the house cozy and warm. These sun control fabrics can help increase the beauty and elegance of your interior design as well as protecting the room from heat loss. These sun control blinds have standard mechanism of continuous loop clutch so it is quite easy to raise or lower the blinds smoothly and easily. These types of blinds also gives a pleasant look to the windows and doesn’t gives an odd constrast wit the interior of the house.

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