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6 Great iPhone iOS8 Features

The iOS8 for the iPhone has several nifty functions that may not be obvious. But once you learn about them, you’ll be glad you did. These 6 iOS8 features can really be helpful.

Hide Pics

If you have photos on your iPhone that you’d like to make sure remain private, iOS8 is ready to help. To hide a photo, long-press it, and then select Hide. It won’t be visible in your Collections, Moments or Years, but it will be in Albums in a hidden folder.

Mute Selected Texts

Sometimes you may want to mute texts only from one person. IOS8 is here to help. In a message from that person, select the Details menu, and click Do Not Disturb. If you expect a number of texts from one person and need to keep your phone from repeatedly going off, this will do the trick.

See What’s Draining Your Battery

iOS8 lets you see how much each app is draining your battery. In the Settings app, select General, then select Usage, then select Battery Usage. You’ll get a list of your apps along with how much power each is using up. If you want a super stylish and functional way to recharge your phone, layby has the ChargeSync Dock for the iPhone 5 available.

Suggested Apps

iOS8 has a new suggested apps feature, that uses location information from your phone to determine where you are and what’s nearby, and then suggests apps that might come in handy. These can be apps you already have installed on your phone, such as one for a particular store, or apps available in the Apple Store that could be helpful with something nearby.

Suggested Apps can be interesting, but it can also be a battery drain. You can turn it off if you’re trying to save battery power, or if you’re just tired of the suggestions. In the Settings app, select General, and then Handoff & Suggested Apps. Move the sliders for My Apps and App Store to off. If you find your phone’s memory is too full to add many more apps, it may be time for your to upgrade your iPhone. layby has a variety of iPhones available.

Background Motion

Background Motion uses something called the parallax effect: if you move your phone, the icons and background move very slightly, like they’re on separate planes. It’s a neat effect, but another one that can drain your battery faster. To turn off Background Motion, go to the Settings app, select General, then select Accessibility. Select Reduce Motion and move the slide to the on position, and you’ll stop the icon from wobbling about.

Fitness Tracking

The Fitness Tracking app allows the iPhone to track your steps and other exercise. But if you aren’t using the Fitness Tracker, turning it off will save battery power. In the Settings app, select Motion & Fitness, and move the Fitness Tracking slider to off. You can turn it on again when you’re ready to track your activity. If you would rather use a separate activity tracker instead of your iPhone,¬†layby¬†offers several of the top fitness bands.

These 6 little iOS8 features are not only helpful, but can give you the information you need to keep your phone from dying at a crucial moment. With iOS8, you really have the ability to enjoy or turn off a variety of functions to suit your needs.