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How to Choose the Perfect Shorts for Every Occasion

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Shorts are one of the versatile, must-have clothing pieces for every man. They are perfect for casual days or even on occasions that suit it the most. You can make your favourite pair of shorts a statement piece when you match and style it right. Aside from that, different occasions also call for different types of shorts so you should be mindful in choosing the right one.

Although different shorts have similar features, the type of material they are made of sets the standards on which event they are perfect to be worn. Here are the different short types and how to wear them on occasion.

Tailored Shorts

Tailored shorts are your best pick if you need something dressier. This short type can be worn in the workplace if the dress code allows especially during hot summer months. You could pair it with a plain coloured shirt that is neatly ironed for a casual office day.

If you want an outfit that you could take from the office to a date or lunch meeting, layering it with a neat blazer makes it perfect. Don’t forget to pair it with classy shoes such as derbies for an added style. If you’re wearing tailored shorts to work or other dressy occasions, do away with embellishments that are sports-related such as flaps and zip pockets since it will ruin the overall look.

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Image Source: Pexels

Sports Shorts

With the popularity of athleisure these days, making sportswear look more stylish is not that hard at all. Sweat shorts are the most comfortable piece you could wear when working out at the gym or even at home. Since you’ll sweat a lot while exercising, you’ll need something that keeps you cool and dries the sweat away easily.

Opt for neutrals such as grey, black or navy to match it easily with any top. Pair it with your favourite shirt or hoodie and you’ll definitely look fashionable even with workout clothes on. Buy mens shorts at the comfort of your home by shopping online for stylish and quality sweat shorts.

Chino Shorts

Chino shorts are the most versatile kind that can be worn on many different occasions. You can dress it up if the occasion demands for it or dress down for a more casual looking style. Chino shorts are comfortable and fresh, making them perfect to be worn during summer.

A lot of guys wear chino shorts for casual gatherings such as picnics, weekend barbecue, and even on night out with friends. When buying shorts, be sure to choose ones with the hems just an inch or two above the knee since it is the most flattering cut for almost any body type.

Denim Shorts

For a rugged casual look, denim shorts are your best friend. You can wear it on almost any casual occasions and could withstand a lot of washes, making the most of your investment. Pair it with a slim fit tee for a well-arranged look.

With those tips, you can now easily know which shorts suits an occasion best.