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Best Welcome Home Gifts for a New Baby

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Welcoming a new baby is one of the special life events one could experience. Whether it is a relative or a friend who just had a baby, arranging your first visit could really get exciting. However, aside from simply paying a visit, you also need to bring a welcome home gift to show that you care.

Looking for gifts for a newborn can be tricky since most likely the parents already have most of the things, they need ready in the nursery. Newborns also get to receive a lot of presents during that time so you have to think of a good gift that isn’t redundant with most of the common gifts people give. If you’re still confused which gifts would make a great welcome home present, here are some good ideas to start with.

Gift Basket

Gift baskets are the most customizable present you could give to a newborn as well to the new parents. These baskets could contain almost anything, depending on what theme you want. You could prepare a basket of baby grooming essentials, newborn clothing, feeding set, and many more.

You could also customize a gift basket for moms filled with necessities that would help a new mom take care of herself while she takes care of baby as well. A baby gift hamper is definitely one of the most thoughtful presents you could give when welcoming home a baby and the new parents.

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Baby Book

Another unique present you could give is a personalized baby book. New parents could use this as a keepsake as their baby grows bigger. Customize it by putting the baby’s photo and his or her name on the front. Then, let the parents customize it on their own by adding some photos, keepsakes, and other essential details about their little one.

Baby Toys

While this is one of the most common things people gift to a baby, toys are still included as one of the best presents you could give to a newborn. Choose toys that are age appropriate and would help newborns in their development. Some of the best ones are rattles, learning cubes, sensory toys, cloth books, play gym, and many more. Since newborn play is not that complex yet, these toys are just perfect for your baby’s learning.

Photo Session

Babies grow fast – at one time they are just tiny and helpless, yet the next thing you know they are already grown up and exploring the world on their own. One of the best things you could gift new parents is a photo session with their newborn. Help them capture all those precious memories with their little one and keep them as a treasure for a lifetime. When choosing a photographer, find one that specializes in newborn photo sessions since they already know different techniques to capture perfect photos with your baby.

Having a new baby is not easy for new parents. Just a quick visit and a little present does a lot in lifting them up during this exhausting time.