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Trendy Headwear That Can Upgrade Your Style

Headwearis becoming popular again and are being used left and right by everyone to complement their outfits. But this does not mean you have to resort to the same common types of headwear like the baseball cap. For a true upgrade, here are seven unique headwear styles you can try.

Beret Hats

Berets are not a type of headwear that was invented recently. It has a long history and women have worn berets way before the 21st century. While they do not cover your face like your traditional hat would do, berets fulfil the stylistic function of making you look unique. You can style them with the classic jeans and t-shirt combo or even layer your outfit with a trench coat to give it a classic chic look.


The traditional hat with a wide brim can be used for many purposes. You can use sunhats whenever you take a trip to the beach or spending the day outside in the summer. Fedora hats are another classic hat style that you can style with almost anything from jeans to simple dresses. If the fedora is not your style you can try Akubra hats. This is similar to a fedora but is made of rabbit fur. In addition to these designs, there are also the Panama design and boaters and the bucket hat.

akubra hats
Image Source: Pexels


Looking for a headwear that keeps your eyes safe from the sun but also let your luscious hair locks free? Then the visor is a good accessory. These are caps that are crownless. This is the perfect headpiece to wear on a good hair day. You can also wear these caps on many casual occasions from vacations to running out for groceries. Either way, these caps allow you to join a good hairstyle with a good headpiece.

Baker Boy Cap

Why try the baseball cap when there is a more unique and stylish choice. This is also known as a newsboy cap. Although this is traditionally considered a men’s style, it is now being used as a unisex fashion statement and is also being used as a statement wear for hipster culture. Just like the baseball cap with the stiff peak, this is also versatile and can be worn with many different kinds of outfits from a sundress to a fancier suit.


These are decorative headwear that women match with their outfit for more formal events such as religious events or weddings. They come with various design elements such as feathers or flowers. A similar headwear is the hatinator that is derived from the fascinator style. Hatinators have similar decorative design but resembles a hat more than a fascinator.


Headscarves are a piece of fabric worn over your head. This can be for religious purposes, to cover and protect your hair or for stylistic reasons. When it comes to fashion and style, scarves is a complementary accessory worn to match whatever the outfit you are wearing. You can use wool, silk, cotton or linen fabrics with any colour or pattern you like.

Don’t limit yourself to the same kind of fashion elements. Instead, experiment interesting styles and explore new trends to truly upgrade your style.