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A Basic Guide to Buy Diamond Jewellery

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Buying diamonds can be exciting, but is a nervous business, too, especially if you’ve got little or no idea. As much as you want to impress a woman, or make her happy and feel valued rather, you need to make sure you don’t overspend or end up being deceived! True enough, Diamond is expensive. However, it does not mean you’d pay absolutely anything for it. Instead, make sure you invest in one that is worth the money.

Decide on a Shape

The shape you will opt for becomes the key determinant of the overall appearance and quality of the diamond. There’s a lot that people say about diamond shapes. However, it isn’t really true that one shape is better than the other.

However, it is widely accepted that round diamonds give off a more brilliant appearance. The rule, however, is that you go by your heart and your personal preference, or that of your partner’s, rather. If you aren’t quite sure, try and find out!

Decide on the Carat Weight

Just like the above, there is no such thing as a ‘correct/appropriate weight’ for a diamond. Once again, it is all about personal preference. Nevertheless, the basics you must know (or that you already know probably) is that the bigger the diamond, the more weight it will have.

If you want the diamond to look just about charming and noticeable, and not one that is ‘over the top’, you would opt for a decent size with an average weight. Look up best place to buy diamonds Melbourne city on the internet to start your hunt today.!

Image Source: Unsplash

Know What ‘Cut Quality’ is.

The cut quality of a diamond has a massive impact on its appearance and brilliance. If you don’t quite have insight into the cut quality aspect of diamonds, it is worth learning about before you make your first trip to the jewelers.  Knowing about cut quality and how to look for it in a diamond should help you pick a diamond that has the best value and also looks absolutely brilliant.

Have a Colour Grade Range in Mind

In case you didn’t know, diamonds that appear to be colorless actually do have color. They appear colorless to the eye and cost a lot less. Again, the level at which a diamond reflects color will depend greatly on its shape. Thus, when you want to decide on a color, you will keep the shape in mind, too.  

Do a Comparison

When you have narrowed down your choices based on the above-described characteristics, you might want to find and compare similar diamonds (those with similar properties) and pick the best of the lot. Try to notice which one has got more clarity, or simply which one looks better than the rest in every way, and go for it without further thought.

Check for Certificates

No matter how much you’ve studied a diamond, in terms of the way it appears, you still wouldn’t know if it really is a genuine piece unless you see a certificate. Certificates are issued by institutions after testing the diamond in professional labs. Never pay for a diamond that does not come along with a valid certification!