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How to Save Rusted Metal Using Paint

Rusting is a common part of any metal surface. Rust forms when a metal is exposed to oxygen or moisture making it almost inevitable to avoid. No matter how beautiful a metal surface is, it would look old and ugly once rust starts eating it up. It may seem hopeless but you could actually save a rusty metal and bring back its beauty once again with the use of paint. Here’s a simple guide on how to save rusted surfaces with paint.

Clean the Metal

Before anything else, you need to clean the rusted metal first so that the paint will stick well to the surface. Start by scraping away the loose rust on the surface of the metal. You can use a wire brush or a putty knife to remove rust that comes off easily. After scraping, tap the metal gently using a hammer to see if its structure is still stable enough. If the metal collapses, it’s not worth saving anymore.

After scraping loose rust and checking if the metal is stable, you need to sand the metal to remove more rust further and smoothen the surface as well. Reach out a few inches beyond the rusted surface as well. Clean the smoothened metal using a vacuum to remove the dust particles. If the metal is greasy or oily, you can clean it using a degreaser. It is important to clean the metal so that the paint will hold on to its surface.

Image Source: Pexels

Apply a Rust Converter

After cleaning and drying the metal surface, it’s time to apply the rust converter. Rust converters turn black after applying to the rusted surface. It protects the surface of the metal so it doesn’t oxidize in air. Spray the rust converter on the rusted surface and a few inches beyond and be sure to apply a thin coat only. Since rust converters turn black, you might need to have several layers of paint over them so it doesn’t show through the surface.

Painting the Metal Surface

Lastly, after drying the rust converter for at least 24 hours, you can now paint over it. Check the rust converter to see which kind of metal paint suits it. Some require oil-based paints while others work well with water-based paint. Once you’ve chosen your desired paint, apply it to the metal surface and you could add several layers to cover up the black color of the rust converter.

The paint acts as a protective layer that covers the metal surface against moisture and oxygen from the surroundings which helps prevent rust from forming, thus, prolonging the life and beauty of the metal. You could also use paint as a preventative measure even when the metal hasn’t rusted yet.

Rusted metals don’t need to be disposed of immediately. There are still chances that you could save it in just a few steps. With this simple guide, you could save and bring back the beauty of your metal things even if rust has already formed on them.